Visual Sociology (Harper, 2012)

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Dawn Iisa Mannay


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Mannay, D. (2014). Visual Sociology (Harper, 2012). Visual Methodologies, 2(1), XI-IX.
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Dawn Iisa Mannay, Cardiff University

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Dr Dawn Mannay is a Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology) at Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences, Wales, United Kingdom and an Associate Lecturer at the Open University; as well as being involved with the Women Making a Difference programme. Her research interests revolve around class, education, gender, geography, inequality, place, violence, and visual research methods.Recent Publications:Mannay, D. 2013. ‘Keeping close and spoiling’: exploring discourses of social reproduction and the impossibility of negotiating change and maintaining continuity in urban south Wales. Gender and Education, 25 (1), pp. 91-107.Mannay, D. (in press 2013). ‘Who put that on there... why why why?:’ Exploring the power games that remain in play when we apply participatory techniques of visual data production. Visual Studies.Mannay, D. 2011. Taking refuge in the branches of a guava tree: the difficulty of retaining consenting and non-consenting participants’ confidentiality as an indigenous researcher. Qualitative Inquiry, 17 (10), 962-964.Mannay, D. 2010. Making the familiar strange: Can visual research methods render the familiar setting more perceptible? Qualitative Research, 10 (1), 91-111.