Visual Methods in Psychology: Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research

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Katherine Hepworth


Psychology is without doubt a broad, deep and well-established research field. Its status as a field that is part-health care, part-science and part-humanities gives psychological research broad terrain to explore, and these explorations regularly provide headline grabbing findings with broad impacts. While it is respected for these strengths, to the uninducted observer, psychology does not come to mind as a field in which diverse visual experimentation readily occurs. The pairing of ‘visual methods’ and ‘psychology’ in the title of this book is perhaps initially surprising. Nevertheless, it contains 22 articles on psychological research that involve significant visual elements at some stage of the research process. These articles document research from a broad range of sub-fields within psychological research including conversation analysis, discursive psychology, narrative psychology, personal construct theory and psychoanalysis.

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Hepworth, K. (2012). Visual Methods in Psychology: Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research. Visual Methodologies, 1(1), V111-X.
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Katherine Hepworth, Swinburne University of Technology

Katherine Hepworth is a graphic designer and historian currently working in the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. She has recently completed her PhD dissertation entitled 'Government Emblems, Embodied Discourse and Ideology: An Artefact-led History of Governance in Victoria, Australia.'