FROM HERE TO: Drawing New Notations of Space

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Rebecca Noone


From Here To is an art project that combines intuitive drawing strategies with interventionist performance practices: it collects hand-drawn directions from helpful passers-by in order to generate new visual scripts of space and memory. The project, which has been performed in three cities in North America and Europe, has produced a rich dataset of vernacular mappings and locative diagrams. The resulting 180 drawings, made with black ink on white paper, provide point to the possibility of research practices situated within a genealogy of art. These encounters follow a trajectory set by the situations of Guy Debord (1957), the cultural “tactics” of Michel de Certeau (1988), and the conceptual work of Fluxus artists, Stanley Brouwn (1961). In September 2015, Noone performed From Here To in Brighton, UK. Noone compiled and connected these spatial abstractions to make a foldout map, which she reprinted and distributed at the From Here To Information Installation throughout the International Visual Methods Conference.

From Here To is a vernacular form of information visualization that explores the visual culture of navigation and articulation of spatial relations. The ‘real action’ - the almost-accidental and hurried nature of drawing a map for a stranger - becomes an act of translating an abstract sensibility to a notation of place-ness. In a time when the ubiquitous Google Map dominates cartographical thinking, what does it mean to elicit intuitive drawing as a way to capture the complexity and ambiguity of spatial interpretations?

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Special Issue: Fourth International Visual Methods Conference