Helmut Albrecht


In the beginning, I would like to give a disclaimer warning: This is not intended as rules-oniy suggestions! In contrast to most other lectures at this Congress, the subject of this paper is of a different nature. The dlstinction is above all found in the fact that concrete answers or aids to solving problems can normally be given to questions or problems of a technical or physical nature, but this is not so in pedagogy. So, you should expect neither ready-made proposals for solutions nor universal recipes. It was a conscious decision to address only pedagogical issues in the title, which are to be considered in detail in this talk. Don't worry the treatment of pedagogical issues in flight instruction should not be lost by such a general view. I hope I can show some findings of research, which will be able to help in solving problems in the classroom or on the airfield, but I cannot deliver ready-made schemata for the solving of those problems.


Coaching, Training

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