The EB-2 Fly-Lab of the Warsaw University of Technology


  • Miroslaw Rodzewicz Warsaw University of Technology
  • Piotr Sierputowski Warsaw University of Technology


Aerodynamics, Design


The paper describes a project undertaken at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) to develop mobile aerodynamic laboratories to measure the pressure distribution around an airfoil at a natural scale and in the atmosphere.  The first phase consisted of the design of the wind-tunnel stand fixed on a car roof.  The wing airfoil section with flap to be tested was placed between two side-plates and this configuration was the research element (Element Badawczy in Polish, marked as EB-1).  The aim of EB-1 tests was the verification of measurement methods and equipment.  To gather airborne data, a similar research element was constructed and fixed to a PW-6 glider and called the EB-2 flying laboratory.  The procedure of airworthiness required several tests before the first take-off (in the field of stability, strength and flutter analysis).  The first test flight was made in summer 2006 and proved the serviceability of a new flying-lab for aerodynamic investigations.  The details of these unique experiments are given in the paper.