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An On-line Meteorological Self-briefing System for Glider Pilots

Edward (Ward) Hindman


An on-line glider pilot meteorological self-briefing system is operational in Europe at the German Weather Service (DWD). During the 2009 soaring season, as an experiment, the system was expanded to include the East Coast USA and Colorado. The system was validated using data from glider contests and, with a few qualifications, found successful. Consequently, the system was made available to East Coast and Colorado pilots during the 2010 soaring season. Thirty-four pilots chose to use the system and the six evaluations received were enthusiastic. The system was unavailable for the 2011 season and remains unavailable as of this writing because a USA numerical model is needed to replace the DWD model. Therefore, examples are given of useful 2012 predictions made with the European system for isolated convective lift and wave lift.



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