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Modeling and Classification of Mountain Waves

A. Tokgozlu, M. Rasulov, Z. Aslan


Simulation and analysis of mountain waves in the troposphere are presented in this paper.  The shallow water theory was applied to investigation of fluid flows over an isolated ridge.  The results of one - dimensional, time-dependent shallow water equations are discussed.  These equations have governed the motion of an incompressible, homogeneous, inviscid and hydrostatic fluid.  This model gives a crude representation of atmospheric flow.  Low level atmospheric gravity waves (inertial waves) are also analyzed by considering radiosonde observations in Isparta (Turkey).  The atmospheric component, which reflects the air temperature fluctuations, is referred to as gravity wave variance.  Vertical variation of air temperature, relative humidity, and horizontal wind speed components and patterns that are associated with mountain wave observations are discussed.


Meteorology, Atmospheric physics

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