On the Philosophy of Sporting Rules: Six Features revealing Pre-declaring to be a Betting- and not a Sporting-Performance


  • Herbert Pirker Vienna, A-1030, Austria


Training and Safety, Coaching


The pre-declaring of way points - necessary for the recognition of Badges, Diplomas and certain World Records by IGC/FAI, and also necessary for getting more points at the Barron Hilton Cup or DMSt (German decentralized competition) - has six features common with games such as Roulette, Lotto, Toto, betting on the football pools, and any other betting and gambling game, suggesting pre-declaring not to be a sporting, but a betting game.  Betting on a sporting performance is not considered to be a form of sport.  Normally, betting and sporting activities are separated by strict rules and in some cases (e.g. football and the betting on the football pools or horse racing) the performing of both activities at the same time may be seen as a criminal act.  Therefore, from a philosophical point of view, pre-declaring is suggested to be a fundamental problem for IGC/FAI because the basic intention of FAI/ IGC to be a sporting organization.