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Improvement of an Artificial Stall Warning System for Sailplanes

Loek Boermans, Bart Berendsen


In 1987 OSTIV announced a competition for the development of a simple instrument to provide a stall warning for sailplanes.  Although seven entries were submitted, there was no system that met all the requirements.  Yet, the Polish system was considered to be the best.  In 1998 a slight modification was proposed and tested in order to eliminate the dependence on wing loading of this system.  However, it turned out that the system did not work properly in an asymmetrical stall.  This paper proposes a further modification in order to eliminate that imperfection.

Presented at the XXVIII OSTIV Congress, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 8 – 15 June 2006


Aerodynamics, Training and Safety

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