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Vol 7 (1963) 1964 OSTIV activity in Varese Abstract   PDF
SwissAeroReview SwissAeroReview
Vol 12 (1972) 25 Jahre OSTIV: 1948-1973 Abstract   PDF
L. de Lange
Vol 10 (1968) 40,000 ft without oxygen! Abstract   PDF
Gustavo Necco
Vol 17 (1983) 50 years of wave soaring adventure, research and challenge Abstract   PDF
Joachim Kuettner
Vol 11 (1970) A 'static' evaluation of the manoeuvring tail load for instantaneous unchecked longitudinal manoeuvres of sailplanes Abstract   PDF
Piero Morelli
Vol 17 (1983) A critique of two recent sailplane design contests Abstract   PDF
John McMasters
Vol 14 (1976) A direct technique for measuring sailplane performances Abstract   PDF
V. Giavotto, L. Salvioni
Vol 15 (1978) A fatigue test on a sailplane wing Abstract   PDF
Stefan Nystrom, H. Mai
Vol 11 (1970) A glide angle indicator for sailplanes Abstract   PDF
Frank Melsheimer
Vol 5 (1958) A glue failure in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Pat Beatty
Vol 14 (1976) A guide to assessing the characteristics of dry thermals under various meteorological conditions Abstract   PDF
M. Hancy
Vol 11 (1970) A low speed sailplane for research Abstract   PDF
D. Farrar
Vol 5 (1958) A method to study the structure of standing lee waves and rotors Abstract   PDF
L. Larsson
Vol 8 (1965) A new look at the problem of safety factor in glider design Abstract   PDF
Justyn Sandauer
Vol 8 (1965) A new look for old airfoils Abstract   PDF
Francisco Galvao
Vol 14 (1976) A new seatbelt for sailplanes Abstract   PDF
Wilhelm Lucker
Vol 6 (1960) A new tailess sailplane Abstract   PDF
S. Brochocki
Vol 10 (1968) A note on low drag bodies Abstract   PDF
Francisco Galvao
Vol 11 (1970) A note on the measurement of the induced drag factor of a glider Abstract   PDF
H. Goodhart
Vol 6 (1960) A OSTIV guide for sailplane designers? Abstract   PDF
B. Shenstone
Vol 16 (1981) A pilot restraint system for sailplanes Abstract   PDF
G. Sunderland
Vol 17 (1983) A pilot's wing profile drag monitor system Abstract   PDF
Richard Johnson
Mirko Josifovic
Vol 16 (1981) A proposal for a new variometer system Abstract   PDF
Herbert Pirker
Vol 5 (1958) A realistic aim for man-powered flight Abstract   PDF
T. Nonweiler
Vol 10 (1968) A refined statistics of cloud band orientation versus the wind vector Abstract   PDF
J. Reuss
Vol 8 (1965) A remarkable high altitude flight over the Cologne-Bonn area Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Kant
Vol 14 (1976) A retractable propeller for self launching sailplanes Abstract   PDF
D. Marsden, V. Sharma
Vol 5 (1958) A review of the theory of dynamic soaring Abstract   PDF
W. Klemperer
Vol 13 (1974) A sea-breeze front moves seaward Abstract   PDF
J. Simpson, D. Mansfield, J. Milford
Vol 6 (1960) A sensitive instrument for measuring the temperature gradient in convective air from a sailplane Abstract   PDF
Jouko Jarvi
Vol 12 (1972) A shearline investigation with an instrumented glider Abstract   PDF
J. Milford, J. Simpson
Vol 16 (1981) A simple model of dynamic energy exchange between a sailplane and vertical air currents Abstract   PDF
Justyn Sandauer
Vol 18 (1985) A simple numerical model of thermals and cumulus convecton Abstract   PDF
D. Heimann
Vol 14 (1976) A simple total energy sensor Abstract   PDF
Oran Nicks
Vol 14 (1976) A simplified dynamic speed calculation method for flutter-type accident investigation Abstract   PDF
Jozsef Gedeon
Vol 15 (1978) A simplified method of airfoil design Abstract   PDF
Francisco Galvao
Vol 9 (1965) A specialised glider launching aeroplane Abstract   PDF
R. Procter, C. Mitchell
Vol 6 (1960) A spherical vortex model of the buoyant thermal in cumulus and dry convection Abstract   PDF
Joseph Levine
Vol 17 (1983) A sportsmedical survey during the Dutch National 15m-class championships Abstract   PDF
Luke Leenen
Vol 8 (1965) A technique for investigation of the low-level eddy structure of the atmosphere Abstract   PDF
L. Capstick
Vol 4 (1956) A theory of thermal soaring Abstract   PDF
Betsy Woodward
Vol 17 (1983) A thermal activity forecasting scheme suitable for personal computers Abstract   PDF
Dietrich Heimann
Vol 17 (1983) A thermalling turn indicator Abstract   PDF
Colin Norman
Vol 10 (1968) A thermistor thermal-detector system Abstract   PDF
R. Schellenbaum
Vol 4 (1956) A Total-Energy variometer operated by pitot pressure Abstract   PDF
Frank Irving
Vol 11 (1970) A universal table for gliding Abstract   PDF
Francisco Galvao
Vol 13 (1974) A variable drag parachute for glide path control of a sailplane Abstract   PDF
B. Seed
Vol 6 (1960) A wing-mounted trailing static carrier Abstract   PDF
Cedric Vernon
Vol 17 (1983) A wintertime convergence zone investigated with a sailplane Abstract   PDF
Edward Hindman, George Young
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