Variational Junction Conditions in F(T) Gravity


  • Jesse Gabriel Velay-Vitow Simon Fraser Institutution


We consider variationally permissible junction conditions in extended teleparallel gravity. The general junction condition requires continuity of the normal component of the boundary term at the junction hypersurface. We show that in the spherically symmetric case, if continuity of the tetrad and spin connection are assumed, both Synge's and ISLD boundary conditions of GR are obtained. We analyze both the static (R-Domain) and Time only (T-Domain) dependent scenarios. With the assumption that F(T) is continuously differentiable, both conditions are obtained in the F(T)$\neq$ T case.

Author Biography

Jesse Gabriel Velay-Vitow, Simon Fraser Institutution

I am A 5th Year undergraduate doing Joint Honours in Math and Physics