Claude Swanson


The new sciences of biophotons and torsion fields provide a bridge between two views of life: the old twentieth century view of an organism as a chemical machine and the emerging view of life as communication and energetic flows. In the new paradigm, DNA is the source of biophotons, governing cellular machinery, communications and behavior. It governs growth and metabolism, with high energetic efficiency. The coherent biophoton field forms a hologram throughout the body, telling each DNA molecule where it fits in the overall blueprint, and governing cell differentiation and specialization.

With the creation of each biophoton there is also a torsion wave. Torsion is a widespread and important form of radiation which couples particle spins together, and propagates through space as a twisting wave in the metric. It results in a variety of new phenomena. These effects have been studied extensively for the past forty years, at multiple research centers in Russia. Their most important conclusion is that this torsion force is exactly the same as subtle energy.

Equations can predict torsion behavior, and inventions and practical devices have been developed using it. Although the biophotons carry electromagnetic energy and are contained mostly within the body, torsion waves easily penetrate tissue and form the primary holographic pattern outside the body. This includes the subtle structure of the aura and chakras, and also the long range signals used in distance energy healing.

The torsion field has been shown to couple to consciousness. It is a higher dimensional field, describing additional degrees of freedom absent in Western science today. Torsion fields obey Yang-Mills gauge equations, can alter the rate of time and produce stable energy forms without the need for matter. These fields can explain many kinds of “spiritual” phenomena ignored so far by mainstream physics. Torsion appears to be the missing ingredient which makes it possible to develop a true science of consciousness and understand the nature of life. Hence it may truly be called the “life force.”

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