C. Norman Shealy, Timothy Smith, Saul Liss, Vera Borgmeyer


Five separate individuals who regard themselves as healers or spiritual healers, in a time controlled situation, were asked to send healing energy to a total of 110 subjects who were located from

100 feet to 160 miles from the healer. In all instances, there were moderate to quite striking changes in the subject's EEG usually occurring within the first five minutes of the sending of healing energy, bur sometimes appearing most dramatic twenty minutes after the completion of the healing. Almost always there was a marked increase in delta activity in all areas of the brain with less significant increases in theta and alpha activity. In 50 of the subjects, the healer was directed to send energy initially either to the frontal or occipital area and then later to reverse the intended area of the brain. In these cases, there was a much greater increase of brain wave activity in the part of the brain to which the healers' energy was directed, although most of the time the increased healing energy also affected other lobes of the brain. It appears that human mental intent to heal, especially by trained healers, is transmitted through space from over 100 feet to 160 miles.

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