Patricia A Norris


In this paper evidence is presented of the many ways we are all connected. Our physical bodies are an intrinsic part of the substance of the planet; the same oxygen that flows through us now also flows through the fishes, birds and beasts, the oceans, and the plants; the same oxygen once flowed through Jesus and all life 2000 years ago, and through the dinosaurs eons earlier. Physically we are totally connected with all living creatures, an integral part of the web of life on our earth. The reality of our psychological connectedness and oneness is now emerging in scientific explorations such as demonstrations of the effects of prayer on healing; researchers mentally influencing the physiology of others; a myriad of ESP experiments; and studies of healing at a distance. At some deep level, we are all connected in the collective unconscious, the planetary field of mind. Applications and implications of these facts, and tools such as neurofeedback and psychosynthesis for their exploration, experiencing, and manifestation in therapeutic settings and practical daily-life are discussed.

Defining spiritual factors in energy medicine challenges us to examine the relationship between healing energy and over-arching spiritual experiences common to various healing traditions. Love, connections, unity and oneness are emphasized in every spiritual tradition. At this time in world affairs, there is an urgency that we as a human collective begin to recognize our oneness. In this exploratory process we can become aware of the common bonds of love that cement our connection to the universe, that define the Self for whom we search.

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