Elmer Green


One day Dr. Green finished writing a grant proposal concerning the possibility ofdetecting static electrical effects from the body during meditation and during the process of bioenergetic healing. As described in the following paper, this topic was central in his dreams and visions for decades, springing from his study of the esoteric literature and his recognition that electrostatic energies were being used in training chelas (as described in the articles below) perhaps for hundreds ofyears. The very week he completed the grant proposal, he received a phone call on behalf ofJohn Fetzer of the Fetzer Foundation, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Fetzer thought ofthe mind as a 'subtle" radio transmitter and was looking for someone interested in measuring how the mind could be used to affect the world in a similar way a radio transmitter affects a radio. After conversation he asked for Green s grant proposal. This synchronicity led to several years ofscientific efforts studying electrostatic correlates of the body during meditation, and to the eventual selection ofa group of individuals with 'special abilities "-bioenergetic healing and intuitional diagnosis-with

whom he conducted laboratory studies. The following three papers describe this work. The first summarizes the history of this work in Dr. Green sown words. rEds.}

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