Elmer Green, Alyce Green


Two streams ofideas and experience flow simultaneously throughout the whole ofDr. Green s work: conventional science and metaphysics. Anyone who has spent time with him in the laboratory cannot foil to come away impressed with his meticulous attention to detail his truly skeptical approach to the stream ofongoing observations being made, and his search for other explanations than those he had thought to be true. At the same time little conversation with him is required to reveal that often the source ofhis hypotheses is the crucible of his extraordinary person experiences, .from childhood on, that have led him to observe a broader view of life through dreams, images and intuitions that contrast with our conventional understandings.

This broad view derives, not .from sheer speculation, but rather .from actual experiences, as detailed in his latest book, The Ozawkie Book ofthe Dead, or Alzheimer's Im't What You Think It Is, to be published by the Philosophical Research Society in the foil of2001.1 In this section, we will explore ideas pertaining to trans personal psychology and bioenergetic healing, as well as philosophical understandings ofthe process ofhuman development and the relationship ofhumankind to the multi-leveled world that surrounds us and that

wells up within us. The trail begins with the following article .from the early days ofDr. Green swork with his wife Alyce at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka. The following article originally appeared in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.2 [Eds.}

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