W.C. Gough, R.L. Shacklett


This is the second in a series of three articles that will outline a proposed scientific model with the goal of stimulating a new vision toward resolving the Mind-matter question and acknowledging an underlying connectiveness in the universe. Scientific is understood to mean that the "parts" or links already exist as useful concepts in the scientific community. The model being proposed assumes that everyday reality is not simply "out there" nor is it "within." Rather, it is suggested that everyday reality is a "perception" we construct from aspects of the "unity" within which we are immersed. Parr I presented the basic assumptions of the model and introduced the model by exploring aspects of a reality that extends beyond our limited concepts of three dimensional space plus time. 12 The power of symbolic patterns in the physical for serving the role of mediator between the happenings in the physical (or outer reality) and the menral (or inner reality) was emphasized.

Part II, Mapping Beyond Space-Time, discusses a process of interfacing between Mind and matter consistenr with the concepts of quantum physics. Emphasis is placed upon the quantum feature of non-locality and upon twistor theory. The issues of causality and reproducibility in science are discussed. The article concludes with a description of the dynamics of the process-how the interplay takes place and works. This includes an outline of other symbolic tools of mathematics such as chaos theory that permit extending out three dimensional thinking.

In Part III the authors will explore [he relationship of their model to human experience.

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