Stumbling into Theological Field Education: Exploring the Move from 'Knowing How" to "Teachiong How"


  • Brady Bryce


FIELD EDUCATION, supervision


For this research project, I collected information on theological field education as shared by a diverse selection of field education directors. The primary research question aimed to surface evidence and experiences related to how directors perceive their work, the details of their program requirements, and the future needs of the discipline. In practical terms, how does one go from serving as a minister to teaching others the art of ministry? When considering vocational options, people rarely find a box to check for “theological field educator,” nor are high school students assigned an essay with the title “If I were a theological field educator.” This vocation becomes an option only after one has been in ministry for some time and has completed the necessary education in ministry. Generally, this means people who are good ministers are hired to train ministers. One problem
becomes apparent quickly and is worth considering—the ability to do ministry well is a different thing entirely from teaching others to do ministry.