Œconomia – History / Methodology / Philosophy

Œconomia – History / Methodology / Philosophy is a quarterly, bilingual (French/English) journal publishing articles, surveys and a significant book review section. From time to time, Œconomia intends to publish thematic symposia gathering articles on a major theme. 

The aims and scope of the journal is to build  a place of debates and exchanges between historians of economic thought and specialists of economic methodology and economic philosophy.  It welcomes as well contributions by theoretical and applied economists on their own practice. With this aim in mind, Œconomia intends to publish articles at the frontiers between these various domains, renewing thus our knowledge and understanding of authors and schools of thought, of tools of analysis, institutions and economic policies.



Online submission platform Manager for Œconomia



Should you need help to submit your contribution (or a revised version of it) or to submit your report, please refer to the guidelines for authors that can be downloaded here: https://journals.openedition.org/oeconomia/2113?file=1 

If you need any help, you may contact Francesco Sergi, Managing Editor of Œconomia, at : francesco.sergi@-pec.fr . 


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