A Comparison of Exergaming Interfaces for Use in Rehabilitation Programs and Research


  • Kazumoto Tanaka Kinki University
  • J.R. Parker University of Calgary
  • Graham Baradoy University of Calgary
  • Dwayne Sheehan Mount Royal University
  • John R. Holash University of Calgary
  • Larry Katz University of Calgary


Exergames or active video games are video games with interfaces that require active involvement and the exertion of physical force by participants. These exergames are designed to track body motion and provide both fun and exercise for game players. Numerous video game console companies have designed exergaming interfaces that are becoming very popular. This paper examines the nature of the interfaces and explores the possibility of using these interfaces for rehabilitation programs and research. While many systems exist, this paper will focus on three major players: Sony PlayStation Move, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect. Comparisons include the technical specifications, the motion sensed by each interface, and the motion required in each therapeutic activity type. Discussion addresses the research implications of using these tools.






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