Organizing Services, Humanizing Organizations: Towards a definition of human services a a generic profession


  • Zion Barnetz Max Stern Yezreel Volley College
  • Shira Vardi Max Stern Yezreel Volley College


During the last decades we have witnessed a substantial rise inboth research and occupation in the field of human services. The present paperseeks to offer a definition of human services as a generic profession. Followedby a brief discussion of human service definitions as both an organizationalphenomenon and a field of knowledge, we will present the social need in humanservice as a generic profession, one of which the core focusis the encounter between organization and client. We will then offer a definition of theprofession, and discuss its practical derivatives as well as its implicationson the knowledge, skills and values as they should be assimilated and gainexpression in the human services training programs and curriculums.Finally, the discussion will deal with the significant challenges awaiting theprocess of consolidating the new profession - in light of the offereddefinition - in the academia, training programs and the job market.

Author Biographies

Zion Barnetz, Max Stern Yezreel Volley College

Lecturer (PhD)Human Srevices Department

Shira Vardi, Max Stern Yezreel Volley College