A Multilevel Analysis of a Campus-Community Partnership


  • Jennifer E Bruening University of Connecticut
  • Rhema D Fuller Alfred State College
  • Vernon E Percy Central Connecticut State University


While greater focus has been placed on understanding the nature of campus- community partnerships, a lack of research exists addressing the complexities of collaboration through theory development and the analysis of partnership management from a multilevel perspective. Drawing from Parent and Harvey’s (2009) management model for sport and physical activity community-based partnerships, the purpose of this qualitative study was to examine campus community partnerships from an individual, structural, and socio-cultural level. Results revealed, campus-community partnerships are heavily dependent on multi-level relationships requiring significant time and effort and must be founded upon trust. These findings should serve to add to campus-community partnership literature, while providing service-learning practitioners with insight into “common practices and pitfalls that may assist in” managing “the expectations of all parties involved” (Maurrasse, 2002, p. 137).