The Effect of Incorporating E-Baby Care in the Service Learning Courses of Colleges


  • Ju-Hsuan Yeh Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management
  • Hsiao-Ling Wu


The study aims to analyze the implementation of incorporating E-baby care in the service learning courses of colleges through the context of family education, including parent education, filial education, sex education, marital education, parental absence education, ethics education, multicultural education, and family resource and management education. The study applies qualitative research qualitative content analysis and interview and participant observation, supplemented by 260 questionnaire surveys, Structural Equation Model (SEM), and Second Order CFA model. The study objects consist of faculty and students from schools in Taiwan that incorporate E-baby care in the service learning courses for colleges. The study aims to understand the effect of incorporating E-Baby care in the service learning courses for colleges, cultivate students’ literacy and sentiment in “care,” accumulate the ability of observation and reflection, internalize value of abstract knowledge, and aggregate the experience value of peer collaboration.