Memorable Events Experienced by Community Partners in University Collaborations


  • Alexa Darby Elon University
  • Lauren Willingham Elon University



The purpose of this study is to explore the memorable events community partners experience when working with college students in a university/community collaboration. Twenty community members employed by nonprofit agencies, who have partnered with the university for varying lengths of time, participated in telephone interviews. Participants identified memorable events related to students’ motivation to work with clients and complete tasks. They cited long-term gain for both students and nonprofit organizations as also creating lasting memories, leading to emotions of pride and joy and feelings of being pleased and rewarded. Identifying memorable events provides a window into what motivates community partners to continue collaborating with the university.

Author Biographies

Alexa Darby, Elon University

Alexa Darby, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at Elon University.


Lauren Willingham, Elon University

Lauren Willingham is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology