Moving Forward in Protocols for an Undergraduate Pre-Medical Careers Service-Learning Program during COVID19

Laura Virginia Gray


ABSTRACT: COVID-19 presented challenges to the Health Coaches Program at the University of Arkansas.  This undergraduate pre-professional health careers service learning program has operated for over six years with success for improved patient health outcomes in Fayetteville, Arkansas through a partnership with Washington Regional Medical Center.  This program partners students with vulnerable patients and a medical team for weekly patient visits and a reporting session with medical providers with the aim to further patient-centered goals within our local community population.  With precautions for health safety during a pandemic, not only did the traditional classroom pedagogy shift, but our protocols in the field with our community partners, practices with remote technologies and patient relationships had to adapt quickly and have continued to evolve over the past nine months.  The focus continues to be on strong communications, relationships and adaptive training through shared values for continued patient success.  

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