A Service-Learning Approach for Faculty Development Focused on Remote Delivery of Courses During a Pandemic


  • Aimee Hollander Nicholls State University
  • Cynthia Vavavsseur Nicholls State University
  • Hayden Robicheaux Nicholls State University and LaCache Middle School


The spring 2020 semester brought a never before seen challenge for university faculty. The COVID-19 global pandemic caused universities to move to remote course delivery overnight.  With most faculty unprepared to deliver courses online, hybrid or Hyflex, leadership at a regional, predominantly undergraduate university in the South turned to service-learning to address their needs.  Faculty and staff who are experts in online learning pedagogy, educational technology tools, and online student services designed, developed and delivered professional development to interested faculty.  This study addresses if the service-learning professional development provided the skill set and confidence needed to implement remote learning.  Furthermore, the study sought to determine what modifications could be made if the program were replicated to ensure faculty obtained skills to successfully implement remote learning and how this training could lead to increased service-learning opportunities at this institution. 

Author Biographies

Aimee Hollander, Nicholls State University

Assistant Professor in Teacher Education, Program Director for Secondary Science Education and Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence at Nicholls State University

Cynthia Vavavsseur, Nicholls State University

Professor of educational technology.  Program chair MED educational technology leadership.  ISTE certified educator.  ISTE certified educator "to the rescue".

Hayden Robicheaux, Nicholls State University and LaCache Middle School

Graduate candidate of educational technology at Nicholls State University and Teacher at LaCache Middle School