Measuring Impact While Making a Difference: A Financial Literacy Service-Learning Project as Participatory Action Research


  • Ray Jones Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration, Associate Director, David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jennifer Louise Petrie University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration, David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership
  • Audrey Murrell Associate Dean, College of Business Administration, Director, David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership University of Pittsburgh


The growth of service-learning as an educational approach in colleges and universities has led to the use of more advanced pedagogical techniques in service-learning programs.  This article describes a financial literacy service-learning program that a team of undergraduate business students completed while following a participatory action research perspective in the planning, implementation and measurement of a financial literacy event for high school students.  This approach fits in the literature on ethics, financial literacy and service-learning and provides an illustrative example of how to incorporate this participatory action research perspective into future financial literacy service-learning initiatives.