International Trade Service-Learning Attitudes and Engagement in a Large Class Setting


  • Lauren Reiter Indiana University


The purpose of this research is to better understand the attitudes towards service-learning and course engagement of students in a service-learning project based course in a larger class size. Service-learning is a concept of great importance. It can be used as an added tool in the classroom to promote engagement and further mastery of materials covered. Service-learning can also be a great tool to encourage attitudes and skills regarding community engagement. This research incorporates a better understanding and exploration of how a larger class can affect the attitudes and engagement of students in service-learning. Qualitative and quantitative measures better help to understand the full impact of service-learning in such a large classroom setting (60 students). Research regarding this niche has not yet been of focus. Pre and posttest as well as qualitative analysis was conducted to understand the variances between the start and end of the semester with the treatment of service-learning between. The findings and dissemination of this research can help to aid educators and community partners on the benefits and challenges that occur during larger setting service-learning based projects. The ultimate goal of this research is to determine methods of how to fully engage students while promoting positive attitudes of students towards service-learning and the experiences associated with them. Educators should ultimately be able to integrate service-learning into their classrooms in lieu of the challenge of class size.


Author Biography

Lauren Reiter, Indiana University


Lauren Reiter has a PhD in apparel and textiles with an emphasis in environmentally sustainable apparel and social networks. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University in the School of Art and Design. Her research interests include sustainable apparel knowledge and attitudes, use and perceptions of social networking sites, and consumer behavior.