Field Effects, Experimenter Effects, and Bohm’s Implicate Order

George R Williams


In this paper I explore what Bohm’s implicate order might suggest with respect to understanding different facets of psi. In particular, I focus on the recent debate on interpreting the findings for the Global Coherence Project, where alternative explanations include a psi field effect and some version of goal oriented psi. This debate has recently received more attention with Bancel’s argument that XOR masking within the GCP network likely removes correlation between random number generator devices. After examining two specific studies, I focus on whether a psi field effect or a psi experimenter effect best explains the GCP findings. I advocate that an integrated approach that incorporates both field effects and experimenter effects as the best explanation. In addition, I argue that Bohm’s implicate order provides an attractive conceptual framework for such an integrative approach.


Consciousness, Physics

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