Quantum Response of Human Skin to Hydrogen Peroxide Stimulation

Rajendra Prasad Bajpai, Anshu Rastogi, Alexander Popp


Visible range photon signals emitted after applying five concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on both sides of the left hand were measured and called response signals. Their quantum nature was ascertained in two analyses. The first analysis determined decay parameters of signals in two models - quantum and two exponential decays - and checked the robustness of decay parameters. The analysis established hyperbolic decay of response signals and showed that signals were in evolving squeezed states. The second analysis split response signal in small sections and determined the properties of the signal in each section from mean, variance and photon count distribution in the section. The properties showed that every section was a high strength biophoton signal having a core quantum component in squeezed state and a peripheral classical component. The properties further suggested the involvement of same or similar quantum entities in the emission of response and biophoton signals.


Biophotons, Squeezed state, Response signal, Robust Parameters, Quantum entity

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