Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory and Consciousness. Journal of Nonlocality Round Table Series, Colloquium #4

Joseph M Caswell, Trevor N Carniello, Lucas W.E. Tessaro, Lian Sidorov, Blake T. Dotta, David A.E. Vares, Margaret M. Moga, Matti Pitkanen, Brian Millar, Rajendra P Bajpai, Patrizio Tressoldi, Hideyuki Kokubo, James Lake, Jean E. Burns, Brendan Lehman, Wolfgang Baer, Nicolas Rouleau, David Schumacher, Lyndon Juden-Kelly, Stephen Jarosek, Kean Hin Ooi


In response to the Vieques 2014 FQXi Conference on the Physics of Information (, this colloquium brings together over a dozen neuroscientists, physicists and medical researchers to provide a body of empirical data both supporting and extending the quantum information hypotheses recently advanced by Koch, Tononi and Tegmark.

Specifically, the evidence presented by the participants describes numerous controlled studies documenting  nonlocal correlations between physical parameters of isolated living and non-living targets, as a result of operators’ mental intention, often in conjunction with changes in the target’s biophoton signatures. However, some of the results also suggest that elemental consciousness might not be a property of matter alone, as these quantum versions of panpsychism claim – but possibly a property of spacetime itself.

Although relevant clues are scarce at this point, the discussion aims to provide a stepping stone toward the better integration of quantum information theory and applicable experimental models, paving the way to a neuroscience freed from the current neuro-dogmas.



biophysics, photon emission, entanglement, excess correlation, electromagnetic fields, heliobiology, morphic resonance, consciousness, nonlocal effects, geomagnetic field, spacetime, space memory, intentionality, conditioning, subtle energies

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