Bigu State: Can Meditation Trigger Alternate Metabolic Pathways Through Epigenetic Changes?

Lian Sidorov, Matti Pitkanen, Kean Hin Ooi


Based on  preliminary reports, case studies (Roy, 2000; Yan et al., 2002b)  as well as  an in vitro experiment conducted at University of California,  San Diego (Yan et al, 2002a)   we propose several new tests designed to confirm and further investigate  the ability of human cell cultures treated with Yan Xin Qigong to survive for extended periods of time, in the absence of medium nutrients, when compared to controls. Specifically, our supplementary experimental protocol is intended to ask the following questions: 1. Are there changes in gene expression following the Yan Xin treatment when compared to controls, what physiological/metabolic  processes are  these genes associated with, and  how does the gene expression profile evolve throughout the duration of the experiment under conditions of nutrient deprivation?  2. Is ambient light necessary for the extended  survival of the treated cells?  3. Are there biophoton emission (BPE) changes noted at the test culture after the External Qi (EQ) treatment and how does that BPE profile evolve throughout the duration of the experiment, compared to controls?  4. Finally, is there any evidence of information or energy transmission between different cell cultures, that might support the hypothesis of a “remote metabolism” as described by Pitkanen (2013b)?


meditation; metabolism; epigenetic regulation; biophotons; photobiology; physiological optimization

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