About Concrete Realization of Remote Metabolism

Matti Pitkanen


The idea of "remote metabolism" (or quantum credit card, as I have also called it) emerged more than a decade ago - and zero energy ontology (ZEO)provides the justication for it. The idea is that the system needing energy sends negative energy to a system able to receive the negative energy and make a transition to a lower energy state. This kind of mechanism would be ideal for biology, where rapid reactions to a changing environment are essential for survival. Originally this article was intended to summarize a more detailed model of remote metabolism, but the article expanded to a considerably more detailed view about TGD inspired biology than the earlier vision. It is shown that the basic notions of the theory of Ling about cell metabolism inspired by various anomalies have natural counterparts in TGD based model relying on the notion of magnetic body. Remote metabolism can be considered as a universal metabolic mechanism with magnetic body of ATP, or system containing it, carrying the metabolic energy required by the biological user. In particular, the role of ATP is discussed in Ling's theory and from the point of view of TGD-inspired theory of consciousness. It is easy to imagine new technologies relying on negative energy signals propagating to the geometric past and ZEO justifies these speculations. Remote metabolism could make possible a new kind of energy technology. The discoveries of Tesla made more than a century ago plus various free energy anomalies provide excellent material for developing these ideas, and one ends up with a concrete proposal for how dark photons and dark matter could be produced in capacitor-like systems analogous to cell membranes and acting as Josephson junctions andhow energy could be extracted from "large" magnetic bodies.The model identies Josephson frequency with the subharmonic of the frequency characterizing the periodicity of a periodic voltage perturbation assumed to correspond to cyclotron frequency in biological applications. Together with quantization conditions for charge and effective Planck constant it leads to precise quantitative predictions for capacitor-like systems acting as dark capacitors. Also a relationship between the magnetic field at the magnetic body of the system and the voltage of the capacitor-like Josephson junction emerges.The predictions allow new quantitative insights about biological evolution as emergence of Josephson junctions realized as capacitor-like systems both at thelevel of cell, DNA and proteins, and brain. heff can be related to Josephsonfrequency and cyclotron frequency and thus to measurable parameters. heffserves as a kind of intelligence quotient and its maximization requires the maximization of both the voltage and area of the membrane-like capacitor system involved. This is what has happened during evolution. Indeed, the internal cell membranes, cortical layers and DNA double strand in chromosomes are strongly folded, and the value of membrane electric field is roughly twice the value of the electric field for which dielectric breakdown occurs in air. Even 40 Hz thalamo-cortical resonance frequency can be understood in the framework of the model. The claimed properties of Tesla's "cold electricity" strongly suggest interpretation in terms of dark matter in TGD sense. This leads to a proposal that a transition to dark phase occurs when the value of voltage equals the rest mass of charged particle involved. This criterion generalizes to the case of cell membrane and relates the values of heff , p-adic prime p, and threshold potential for various charged particles to each other. The idea that nerve pulse corresponds to the breakdown of super-conductivity as a transition from dark to ordinary phase receives additional support. The resulting picture conforms surprisingly well with the earlier speculations involving dark matter and p-adically scaled variants of weak and color interactions in biologically relevant length scales. An extremely simple mechanism producing ATP involving only the kicking of two protonic Cooper pairs through the cell membrane by Josephson photon as a basic step isproposed. Also the proposal that neutrino Cooper pairs could be highly relevant not only for cognition and but also metabolism finds support.


quantum biology; metabolism; Ling; ATP;

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