A consciousness-based model of physics


  • Ulrich Mohrhoff Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education


Following the dominant Indian philosophical tradition, an ultimate and intrinsically indefinable reality (UR) is postulated. This relates to the world as a substance that constitutes it, a consciousness that contains it, and an infinite quality/delight that experiences and expresses itself in it. By tracing a descending series of poises between the infinite and the finite, this article shows in outline how space emerges, how UR acquires the aspect of a multitude of localized selves, how quality manifests itself through quantity, how consciousness becomes distinct from substance, how the original creative consciousness gets "involved" in mind, how mind gets "involved" in life, and how life gets "involved" in matter—in short, how the stage for the adventure of evolution is set. Light is thereby thrown on the nature of life and evolution. While the laws of physics turn out to be instrumental in setting this stage, they contribute next to nothing to explaining the drama played on it.