History, Fidelity and Time in Rhea Galanaki’s Novels


  • Angie Voela University of East London


Galanaki, Greece, History, Women, Society, Psychoanalysis.


Rhea Galanaki’s novels Ο αιώνας των Λαβυρίνθων (The century of the Labyrinths) (2002), Φωτιές του Ιούδα, Στάχτες του Οιδίποδα (Fires of Judas, Ashes of Oedipus) (2009) and Θα υπογράφω Λουί (I shall Sign as Loui) (1993) lend themselves to a re-examination of the past from the point of view of the present and for the sake of the present. The past must be accepted as an “impassable truth”. One can arrive at such a liberating interpretation after dismantling constructions of racial superiority, misogyny, the haunting of personal, collective or national traumas, and even the legacy of revolutionary idealism. Such an interpretation might prove helpful in dealing with contemporary challenges to identity at a time of new geo-political tensions, mass migration and rising neoliberal populism.