Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

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On Authentic Progress: From Globalization to Interconnectedness PDF HTML
Vlad Toma pg 1
They Want to Be Global Citizens: Now What?: Implications of the NGO Career Arc for Students and Faculty Mentors PDF HTML
Andrew M. Robinson pg 13
Intentional Worlds and Global Citizenship PDF HTML
Stephen Reysen, Iva Katzarska-Miller pg 34
Saving Africa: A critical study of advocacy and outreach initiatives by university students PDF HTML
Shafik Dharamsi, Samson Nashon, Annabel Wong, Paul Bain, Kayleigh McElligott, Erin Baines pg 53
The Importance of Including the Needs of the LGBTIQ Community in the Millennium Development Goals and Education of Healthcare Professionals PDF HTML
Roya Haghiri-Vijeh pg 68
The non-violent philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 21st Century: Implications for the Pursuit of Social Justice in Global Context PDF HTML
Paul Banahene Adjei pg 80
Sustaining the Transformation: Improving College Retention and Success Rates for Youth from Underserved Neighbourhoods PDF HTML
Janet Maher, Anthony Bertin pg 102
The Effect of High School Completion on Aboriginal Canadians: Measuring Financial & Health Outcomes PDF HTML
Romil Dharia pg 127
Granada, a City under Siege: Dynamics of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children as a Human Rights Issue in Nicaragua. PDF HTML
Mirna Esmeralda Carranza, Luz Angelina López Herrera, Henry Parada, Isolda Jiménez pg 153

Dissertation Abstract

The Role of Social Networks in the Decision to Test for HIV PDF HTML
Clement Jumbe pg 169