Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

On Authentic Progress: From Globalization to Interconnectedness

Vlad Toma


As a result of the lack of authenticity in modern standardized societies, an individual's identity and purpose are created through physical goods as opposed to the intrinsic appreciation of the individual's role in society. This creates a precise dichotomy between the affluent lifestyle of the corporate worker and human fulfillment and empathy. This paper demonstrates how a new form of education, which encompasses an existential framework of pedagogy, is able to foster empathic emotions in students leading them to make decisions that are aligned with a sustainable socio-economic model. The paper first outlines the ecological and human development problems caused by modern capitalism. Second, it analyzes the historical circumstances that have borne capitalism and explains, through sociological and anthropological theory, how the logic of capitalism has become ubiquitous, self-perpetuating and obsolete. Lastly, a transformation in education is proposed as a viable solution to overcome the mentioned cognitive trappings.


sustainable capitalism, social equity, capitalist ideology, human fulfillment and empathy, consumption and production paradigm, protestant ethic, historical materialism, critical-thinking education, existential pedagogy;

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