Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 2, No 2 (2012)

Refugees: the “Other” Human face, and the “other” academics, an African and Personal Experience

Felix U. Kaputu


For many centuries, refugees have continued to move from one country to another, pushed away from their homes for many different reasons. This often results in aimless journeys around the world as they change into homeless wanderers. Wars, political conflicts, ideological differences, social rejections, natural disasters, and socio-economic failures are the main reasons, pushing thousands in different ways toward the unknown. If immigrants are indeed observed all over the world, the case of African refugees is very much outstanding. The Middle Passage shipped many Africans to the Americas during the slave trade era, and many still leave the continent today and go to all parts of the world. Immigration statistics project no change in this trend in the near future.

This paper covers the main reasons for the African massive exodus towards overpopulated continents. It also expands on the conditions these generally unwanted immigrants face in hostile hosting countries, while offering a set of examples where good hearts and minds have facilitated both social insertion and human communications. The Scholar at Risk Network represents an exceptionally good example, and illustrates the author's personal example as an academic "other". Finally, the paper proposes what countries all around the world could do together to avoid large human flows.


“Other”, human face, refugee roads, “Other” academics, homelessness

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