Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

From Globalization to Global Sustainability: Perspectives on Transitions

Sandra Bhatasara


This paper  critically looks at the concept and process of globalization in the context of sustainability. Globalization in its current form presents more challenges than opportunities to the global societies. Reversing the process is a myopic idea, yet it can not be left to the dictates of its movers such as Multinational Corporations, global financial markets and trade regimes among others to make it sustainable. The argument forwarded here is that there is need for a transition to sustainable globalization. A number of pathways maybe followed in the process of transition such as managing the global  environmental governance systems, global  trade, global financial market, Multinational Corporations and information systems. However, this is not prescriptive, but a set of ideas that nation states and policy makers may consider. The transitions processes  are gradual but also not smooth thus it is also important to critically look at the challenges that  stand in the way and, the negative repercussions to societies.



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