Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Book Review: African American Families by Angela J. Hattery & Earl Smith

C. Annette Wilson


The reading of the African American Families by Hattery and Smith is a host of actual events, occasions and mandated causes, delivered in the recording style of the African American Families book outline and chapter repeated referrals. Hartley and Smith (2007) in chapter one (1) produce the questions of social class as described by the “. . . field of sociology has had a traditional focus on the problems that face humanity: poverty, inequality, access to health care, education, and poor housing, and of course the social institution of the family” (p.4). From the Slave cabins in a west cost state to the front door of the United States family members have participated in the growing development of the country and participated in controlled and self induced sociological traditions. African Americans have actively planted and harvested food for the survival of their owners to participating in the printing of money for the elite.


African American Families; Society; Poverty; Violence

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