Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Rural Women’s Empowerment through Self-income Generating Activities: A Study on NGO Development Programs in Bangladesh.

Md. Rafiqul Islam


Women’s empowerment has been pointed out as an indispensable condition to reduce poverty in developing countries of the world. Also, it has been closely related to democratization of those countries, in providing women with rights and opportunities equal to those which men have enjoyed so far. Despite its significance, the issue cannot be said to be solved easily, because there are many factors that prevent its progress.

In this regard, this paper aims to consider the multi-layered actuality of the issue of rural women’s empowerment in Bangladesh, especially for economic development. For this purpose, the study deals with empowerment of rural women through self-income generating activities and the NGO credit programs in Bangladesh. The study was conducted in the central region of Bangladesh. Qualitative methods were utilized in the study. The research was tailored in such a way as to capture the influence of the NGO credit programs upon rural women’s entrepreneurship, in the review of their individual experiences. As a result the study reveals that self-income generating activities by entrepreneurship are the most important contributing factor to empowering rural women in Bangladesh.


Development Studies

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