Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

Leadership for Social Justice through the Lens of Self- Identified, Racially and Other-Privileged Leaders

Vidya Shah


This study explores leadership for social justice from the perspective of school principals who identify as having greater relative privilege than the students and families they serve. Furman’s (2012) Praxis-Dimension-Capacities Framework of leadership for social justice is used to explore the perspective of four white, middle-class, female school administrators, who identify as privileged in relation to the students, families and communities they serve and who identify as social justice leaders. In-depth interviews were conducted with four administrators in the Toronto District School Board to explore how this particular group of administrators understands and enacts the five dimensions presented in this framework.  Findings suggest that there are specific forms of reflection and action particular to this group such as the development of a multiple consciousnesses and a matchmaker identity. This study suggests that further exploration is required to explore how leaders with various and intersecting identities enact leadership for social justice, so that difference is centered in how we understand the possibilities and limitations of this work.  


critical pedagogy; social justice; leadership for social justice

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