Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education, Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

Inclusive Global Citizenship Education: Measuring Types of Global Citizens

Iva Katzarska-Miller, Stephen Reysen


In three studies, we constructed and provided initial evidence of validity for a measure of types of global citizenship. Oxley and Morris (2013) proposed eight different types of global citizens based on prior theory (e.g., moral, economic). We constructed and examined the factor structure of a measure of these different types (Study 1). With the exception of a social dimension of global citizenship, all of the proposed types appeared to be distinct factors. In Study 2, we found the same factor structure in a different sample of participants and examined associations between the dimensions and prosocial values related to global citizenship (e.g., social justice, intergroup helping). Lastly, in Study 3 we examined the associations between the seven different types of global citizenship, different types of intended activist behaviors, and various values (e.g., moral foundations, core political values). Together, the results suggest that the measure of global citizen types is a valid and reliable measure.


global citizen; measure; environment; culture; moral; spiritual

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