Walk Away from Violent Extremism: a campaign to address violent extremism online

Anne Aly


Countering violent extremism (CVE) is recognised as an important and necessary aspect of addressing the threat of terrorism and other forms of violence. Just as there is no single path to violent extremism, programs and initiatives that aim to prevent individuals from engaging in violence should also be multi- faceted, comprising diverse strategies and approaches. A multi–faceted approach to countering violent extremism recognises that individual vulnerability is not the only factor driving violent extremism. It does not, for example, explain why some people will become violent extremists while others with similar backgrounds and in similar situations do not. Strategies to counter violent extremism should also take into account the social settings, the broader conditions and the ways in which individuals and groups become exposed to and engage with violent extremism.


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Counter Violent Extremism; Against Violent Extremism



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