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No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 The Call for Component Analyses of the Saudi Arabian Risk Reduction Initiative: An Examination of Religious Re-education’s Role in the Deradicalization and Disengagement Process Abstract   PDF
Samantha Kutner
No 18 (2019): Spring The Deradicalisation Programme for Indonesian Deportees: A Vacuum in Coordination Abstract   PDF
Chaula Rininta Anindya
No 25: Winter Issue 2020/21 The Emergence of Transnational Street Militancy: A Comparative Case Study of the Nordic Resistance Movement and Generation Identity Abstract   PDF
Jacob Aasland Ravndal
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 The Forms and Ecologies of Islamist militancy and terrorism in Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Azizur Rahman
No 4 (2015): Fall Issue The need for a national deradicalisation program in Afghanistan Abstract   PDF
Johnnie Auld
No 19 (2019): Summer The Neurocognitive Process of Digital Radicalization: A Theoretical Model and Analytical Framework Abstract   PDF
Tiffiany Howard, Brach Poston, Stephen D. Benning
No 16 (2018): Fall Issue The political challenges of community-level PVE practices: The Danish case of Copenhagen vs. Aarhus on dialoguing with extremist milieus Abstract   PDF
Teemu Tammikko
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 The Promotion of Secularization as a Counterterrorism Strategy to Religious Terrorism: A Case Study of Iraq Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Hossein Mojtahedi, Joris van Wijk
No 1: Winter 2014/15 The Radical Online: Individual Radicalization Processes and the Role of the Internet Abstract   PDF
Daniel Koehler
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 The Role of Sport in Deradicalisation and Crime Diversion Abstract   PDF
Cara Richardson, Paul A. Cameron, Katherine M. Berlouis
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue The Searchlight Archive collection at the University of Northampton. A Research Note Abstract   PDF
Daniel Jones
No 24 (2020): Fall The Significance of the Superordinate: Linking (Dis-)Embedded Identity to Non-Normative Ends and Means Abstract   PDF
Julian Paffrath, Bernd Simon
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 The spirit of patriotism – How constitutional is German citizens’ national attachment? The case of mosque construction Abstract   PDF
Coskun Canan
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue The value-based Nationalism of Pegida Abstract   PDF
Prof. Dr. Malte Thran, Lukas Boehnke
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 The We in Me. Considering Terrorist Desistance from a Social Identity Perspective. Abstract   PDF
Sigrid Raets
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue Thugs or Terrorists? A Typology of Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe Abstract   PDF
Jacob Aasland Ravndal
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Toward a Framework Understanding of Online Programs for Countering Violent Extremism Abstract   PDF
Garth Davies, Christine Neudecker, Marie Ouellet, Martin Bouchard, Benjamin Ducol
No 14 (2018): SPRING ISSUE 2018 Trends in Anti-Fascist and Anarchist Recruitment and Mobilization Abstract   PDF
Dr. Ariel Koch
No 19 (2019): Summer Trusting the Mistrusted: Norwegian Social Workers’ Strategies in Preventing Radicalization and Violent Extremism Abstract   PDF
Håvard Haugstvedt
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Voices Against Extremism: A case study of a community-based CVE counter-narrative campaign Abstract   PDF
Logan Macnair, Richard Frank
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Western Islamic Schools as Institutions for Preventing Behavioral Radicalization: The Case of Quebec Abstract   PDF
Hicham Tiflati
No 9 (2017): Winter Issue 2016/17 Westliche Jugendliche im Bann des Islamischen Staates - Radikalisierende Inhalte der IS-Propaganda am Beispiel der Onlinemagazine Dabiq und Rumiyah Abstract   PDF
Maximilian Kiefer, Kira Messing, Julia Musial, Tobias Weiß
No 22: Spring 2020 What About the Camp Followers – and their Children? Abstract   PDF
Ian MacVicar
No 5 (2015): Winter 2015/16 What is the Impact of Foreign Military Intervention on Radicalization? Abstract   PDF
Tom Pettinger
No 1: Winter 2014/15 What makes a terrorist stop being a terrorist? Abstract   PDF
John Horgan
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