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No 26: Spring 2021 Research Methods Brief: Attrition Happens (and What to Do About It) Abstract   PDF
Michael J. Williams
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Research Note on Immigrant Youth Radicalization and Terrorism: Pre- and Post-Migration Considerations Abstract   PDF
Haval Ahmad, Mambo Tabu Masinda
No 26: Spring 2021 Research Note: Singapore’s “Deradicalisation” Model: Revolution – or Evolutions? Abstract   PDF
Shashi Jayakumar
No 23: Summer 2020 Research Note: ‘How Can I Get Them Offstage?’ – Critical Reflections on a Researcher’s Approach to Qualitative Data Collection with Social Workers Involved in Preventing Violent Extremism in Norway Abstract   PDF
Håvard Haugstvedt
No 23: Summer 2020 Research Note: “When ‘Childsplay’ Gets Lethal”: ‘Ludic Terrorism’ and its Ambivalent Relationship with Postmodernism Abstract   PDF
Samuel H. Patterson
No 14 (2018): SPRING ISSUE 2018 Resisting Radicalisation: A Critical Analysis of the UK Prevent Duty Abstract   PDF
Anne Lynn Dudenhoefer
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Responding to the Challenges of Violent Extremism/Terrorism Cases for United States Probation and Pretrial Services Abstract   PDF
Kevin Lowry
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Rethinking ‘Radicalisation’: Microradicalisations and Reciprocal Radicalisation as an Intertwined Process Abstract   PDF
Gavin Bailey, Phil Edwards
No 23: Summer 2020 Reviewing Radicalization Research Using a Network Approach Abstract   PDF
Veronika Batzdorfer, Holger Steinmetz
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Reviewing the Role of the Internet in Radicalization Processes Abstract   PDF
Özen Odag, Anne Leiser, Klaus Boehnke
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Revisiting the De-Radicalisation or Disengagement Debate: Public Attitudes to the Re-Integration of Terrorists Abstract   PDF
Gordon Clubb, Edward Barnes, Ryan O'Connor, Jonatan Schewe, Graeme AM Davies
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Rise of Radicalization in the Global Village. Online Radicalization vs. In-person Radicalization - Is There a Difference? Abstract   PDF
Tanja Dramac Jiries
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 Risk Reduction in Terrorism Cases: Sentencing and the Post-Conviction Environment Abstract   PDF
Kelly Berkell
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 Scandinavia’s Daughters in the Syrian Civil War: What can we Learn from their Family Members’ Lived Experiences? Abstract   PDF
Andrea Aasgaard
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Shieldmaidens of Whiteness: (Alt) Maternalism and Women Recruiting for the Far/Alt-Right Abstract   PDF
Ashley Mattheis
No 18 (2019): Spring Signs of Concern about Islamic and Right-Wing Extremism on a Helpline against Radicalization Abstract   PDF
Jennie Sivenbring
No 26: Spring 2021 Social Networks and the Challenge of Hate Disguised as Fear and Politics Abstract   PDF
Adam Klein
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Subculture: The third wave of European jihad Abstract   PDF
Dr. Daniela Pisoiu
No 8 (2016): Fall Issue Suburban Bliss or Disillusionment - Why Do Terrorists Quit? Abstract   PDF
Liesbeth van der Heide, Robbert Huurman
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Supporting disengagement and reintegration: qualitative outcomes from a custody-based counter radicalisation intervention Abstract   PDF
Adrian Cherney
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Supporting families of foreign fighters. A realistic approach for measuring the effectiveness Abstract   PDF
Amy-Jane Gielen
No 24 (2020): Fall Talk is silver and silence is gold? Assessing the impact of public disengagement from the extreme right on deradicalization Abstract   PDF
Christer Mattsson, Thomas Johansson
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 Terrorism, the Internet and the Social Media Advantage: Exploring how terrorist organizations exploit aspects of the internet, social media and how these same platforms could be used to counter-violent extremism. Abstract   PDF
Luke Bertram
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 The 60 Days of PVE Campaign: Lessons on Organizing an Online, Peer-to-Peer, Counter-radicalization Program Abstract   PDF
Alex Wilner, Brandon Rigato
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 The Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria: What could have been the precursors? Abstract   PDF
Olusegun Anthony Ofongo
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