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No 9 (2017): Winter Issue 2016/17 Political de-radicalization: why it is no longer possible in the wilāyāt system of the Islamic State Abstract   PDF
Sara Brzuszkiewicz
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Politischer Islamismus und die internationale Politik. Die mobilisierende Rhetorik von Hizb ut-Tahrir (Political Islamism and International Politics. The Mobilising Rhetoric of Hizb ut-Tahrir) Abstract   PDF
Dr. Ali Hedayat
No 15 (2018): Summer Issue Prevent as an Intractable Policy Controversy: Implications and Solutions Abstract   PDF
James Lewis
No 24 (2020): Fall Prevent Tragedies: A case study in female-targeted strategic communications in the United Kingdom’s Prevent counter-terrorism policy Abstract   PDF
Sam Andrews
No 1: Winter 2014/15 Preventing Radicalization and Discrimination in Aarhus Abstract   PDF
Toke Agerschou
No 23: Summer 2020 Preventing Terrorist Recruitment through Early Intervention by Involving Families Abstract   PDF
Ahmet S. Yayla
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Processual Models of Radicalization into Terrorism: A Best Fit Framework Synthesis Abstract   PDF
Stéphanie De Coensel
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Program Insight: The screening process of disengaged Boko Haram associates in Niger Abstract   PDF
Florian Morier
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Propaganda in an insecure, unstructured world: How psychological uncertainty and authoritarian attitudes shape the evaluation of right-wing extremist internet propaganda Abstract   PDF
Diana Rieger, Lena Frischlich, Gary Bente
No 26: Spring 2021 QAnon Conspiracy Theory: Examining its Evolution and Mechanisms of Radicalization Abstract   pdf
Amanda Garry, Samantha Walther, Rukaya Rukaya, Ayan Mohammed
No 22: Spring 2020 Radicalisation and travelling to Syria among delinquent youths: A case study from the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
Rudie J.M. Neve, Frank M. Weerman, Suzan Eris, Jan Willem van Prooijen
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 Radicalisation of Young Adults in the Balkan States: Counter-Measures, Healthcare Provision, and Community Involvement Abstract   PDF
Cara Richardson, Katherine M. Berlouis, Paul A. Cameron
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 Radicalisation: The Last Taboo in Safeguarding and Child Protection? Assessing Practitioner Preparedness in Preventing the Radicalisation of Looked-After Children Abstract   PDF
Matt Dryden
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Radicalism Leading to Violent Extremism in Canada: A Multi-Level Analysis of Muslim Community and University Based Student Leaders’ Perceptions and Experiences Abstract   PDF
Kawser Ahmed
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue Radicalization and Mass Violence from a Beckerian Perspective: Conceptual and Empirical Considerations Abstract   PDF
Mark Dechesne
No 14 (2018): SPRING ISSUE 2018 Radicalization as a Vector: Exploring Non-Violent and Benevolent Processes of Radicalization. Abstract   PDF
Ken Reidy
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Radicalization in British Columbia Secondary Schools: The Principals' Perspective Abstract   PDF
Michael R. Mitchell
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Radikalisierungsprozesse westlicher Dschihadisten. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel Denis Cuspert (Radicalization processes of Western Jihadists. An examination using the example of Denis Cuspert) Abstract   PDF
Niklas Palm
No 22: Spring 2020 Realising Violent Extremist Risk Assessments in Indonesia: Simplify and Collaborate Abstract   PDF
Cameron Sumpter
No 1: Winter 2014/15 Rechtsextreme links liegen lassen? Eine Einschätzung von Szeneaussteigern zu Medieneffekten innerhalb der rechtsextremen Szene (Ignoring Right-Wing Extremists? The Perspective of Formers Regarding the Effects of Media Coverage on the Extreme Right) Abstract   PDF
Katharina Neumann
No 5 (2015): Winter 2015/16 Reconsidering the Relationship Between Integration and Radicalization Abstract   PDF
Sadeq Rahimi, Raissa Graumans
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue Reducing the risks posed by Dutch returnees from Syria by transferring Germany’s experiences in their fight against the radical right to the Netherlands. Abstract   PDF
Henrique Franssens
No 4 (2015): Fall Issue Re-enforcing Radicalisation with bad PR? The Nigerian Army's Handling of Boko Haram Abstract   PDF
Yan St-Pierre
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Reintegrating Terrorists in the Netherlands: Evaluating the Dutch approach Abstract   PDF
Liesbeth van der Heide, Bart Schuurman
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 Re-Purposing the Push-Pull Model to Describe Signature Patterns of Terrorist Disengagement by Group: A Validation Study. Abstract   PDF
Marita La Palm
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