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No 24 (2020): Fall Entertainment-Education Versus Extremism: Examining Parasocial Interaction among Arab Viewers of Anti-ISIS TV Drama Abstract   PDF
Kareem El Damanhoury
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Evaluation of a School Campaign to Reduce Hatred Abstract   PDF
Elena Savoia, Max Su, Nigel Harriman, Marcia A. Testa
No 20 (2019): Fall Evidence-based informed policy design for support groups for families of foreign fighters: Ex ante application of realistic evaluation and review Abstract   PDF
Amy-Jane Gielen, Annebregt Dijkman
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Evolutionary Emotional Intelligence for Social Workers: Status and the Psychology of Group Violence Abstract   PDF
Boyd Patterson Jr.
No 14 (2018): SPRING ISSUE 2018 Exploring People’s Perceptions of Precursors to the Development of Radicalisation and Extremism. Abstract   PDF
Sabrina Hussain
No 19 (2019): Summer Exploring the capabilities of Prevent in addressing radicalisation in cyberspace within Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Liam Sandford
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue Extremismus im Klassenzimmer - Theoretische Chancen und Möglichkeiten des Politikunterrichtes. (Extremism in the Class Room. Theoretical Chances and Perspectives for Teaching Politics) Abstract   PDF
Amelie Zuschke
No 16 (2018): Fall Issue Factors Facilitating the Successful Implementation of a Prevention of Violent Radicalization Intervention as Identified by Front-Line Practitioners Abstract   PDF
Anne Sophie Ponsot, Cateline Autixier, Pablo Madriaza
No 20 (2019): Fall Family-Oriented P/CVE Programs: Overview, Challenges and Future Directions Abstract   PDF
Anaïs F. El-Amraoui, Benjamin Ducol
No 22: Spring 2020 Femme Fatale: Analyzing the Visual Representation of the Radical(ized) Woman in Danish Media Abstract   PDF
Anna Warrington, Frederik Carl Windfeld
No 25: Winter Issue 2020/21 Fighting Back: The Atomwaffen Division, Countering Violent Extremism, and the Evolving Crackdown on Far-Right Terrorism in America Abstract   PDF
Jacob Ware
No 20 (2019): Fall Fighting the Enemies of God: the Rise of and the Response to Violent Extremism in Sudan Abstract   PDF
Salma Mohamed Abdalmunim Abdalla
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 Fishermen or Swarm Dynamics? Should we Understand Jihadist Online-Radicalization as a Top-Down or Bottom-Up Process? Abstract   PDF
Till Baaken, Linda Schlegel
No 26: Spring 2021 From Conversion to Violent Extremism: Empirical Analysis of Three Canadian Muslim Converts to Islam Abstract   PDF
Denis Suljić, Alex Wilner
No 18 (2019): Spring From Idea to Policy: Scandinavian Municipalities Translating Radicalization Abstract   PDF
Robin Andersson Malmros
No 15 (2018): Summer Issue From Total Islam to the Islamic State: Radicalization Leading to Violence Dynamics as a Subject of Reciprocal Affordance Opportunities Abstract   PDF
Asaad Almohammad
No 4 (2015): Fall Issue Funktionslogik terroristischer Propaganda im bewegten Bild (The Functioning Logic of Terrorist Propaganda in Moving Images) Abstract   PDF
Stefan Christoph
No 22: Spring 2020 Harassment and Threats, Concern and Fear: the Experiences of Local Politicians in Ludvika, Sweden Abstract   PDF
Lars Korsell, Tomas Axelson, Liselotte Frisk, Jonas Stier
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Hate Beneath the Counter Speech? A Qualitative Content Analysis of User Comments on YouTube Related to Counter Speech Videos Abstract   PDF
Julian Ernst, Josephine B. Schmitt, Diana Rieger, Ann Kristin Beier, Peter Vorderer, Gary Bente, Hans-Joachim Roth
No 18 (2019): Spring Higher Education in an Era of Violent Extremism: Exploring Tensions Between National Security and Academic Freedom Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Streitwieser, Kristen Allen, Kathryn Duffy-Jaeger
No 5 (2015): Winter 2015/16 How Could a Terrorist be De-Radicalised? Abstract   PDF
Luke Bertram
No 3 (2015): Summer Issue How extremist experiences become valuable knowledge in EXIT programmes. Abstract   PDF
Tina Wilchen Christensen
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 How much Takfir is too much Takfir? The Evolution of Boko Haram’s Factionalization Abstract   PDF
Jacob Zenn, Zacharias Pieri
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 How the War Was ‘One’: Countering violent extremism and the social dimensions of counter-terrorism in Canada. Abstract   PDF
Tami Amanda Jacoby
No 22: Spring 2020 Identity Reconfiguration and the Core Needs Framework: Exit Narratives among Former Far-Right Extremists Abstract   PDF
Amy Fisher-Smith, Charles R. Sullivan, John D. Macready, Geoffrey Manzi
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