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No 9 (2017): Winter Issue 2016/17 Conflict Management, Transitional Justice and De-radicalization – Different, but common goals Abstract   PDF
Anna Mühlhausen
No 1: Winter 2014/15 Counter-extremism and De-radicalisation in the UK: a Contemporary Overview Abstract   PDF
Gwen Griffith-Dickson, Andrew Dickson, Ivermee Robert
No 24 (2020): Fall Countering extremism(s): Differences in local prevention of left-wing, right-wing and Islamist extremism Abstract   PDF
Jan Jämte, Rune Ellefsen
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 Countering ISIS Call for Hijra (Emigration): A Review through the Lens of Maqāṣid Ash-Sharīʿah Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Saiful Alam Shah Bin Sudiman
No 4 (2015): Fall Issue Countering Jihadi Radicals and Foreign Fighters in the United States and France: Très Similaire Abstract   PDF
Dorle Hellmuth
No 1: Winter 2014/15 Countering Radicalisation Countering Across Europe – The Pioneering ISDEP Project Abstract   PDF
Rozila Kana, Rupert Dore
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 Countering violent extremism in Indonesia: priorities, practice and the role of civil society Abstract   PDF
Cameron Sumpter
No 17 (2018): Winter 2018/2019 Countering Violent Extremism in Tunisia – Between Dependency and Self-Reliance Abstract   PDF
Lydia Letsch
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 Countering violent extremism via de-securitisation on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Anna Warrington
No 8 (2016): Fall Issue Counter-Productive Counter-Terrorism. How is the dysfunctional discourse of Prevent failing to restrain radicalisation? Abstract   PDF
Lauren Powell
No 16 (2018): Fall Issue Counter-Radicalisation Through Safeguarding: A Political Analysis of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act (2015) Abstract   PDF
Paul Dresser
No 15 (2018): Summer Issue Creating a Knowledge Base for Interventions Countering (Violent) Extremism: Intervention Goals and Mechanisms for Different Ideologies. Abstract   PDF
Helma van den Berg, Dianne A. van Hemert, Anthony J. van Vliet
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 Der Einfluss von rechtsgerichtetem Autoritarismus und sozialer Dominanzorientierung auf homophobe Einstellungen (The influence of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation on homophobic attitudes) Abstract   PDF
Sarah Andrejewski, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frindte, Daniel Geschke
No 22: Spring 2020 De-radicalisation Through the Performative Arts Abstract   PDF
Simon Terhaag
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 De-Radicalising Prisoners in Nigeria: developing a basic prison based de-radicalisation programme Abstract   PDF
Atta Barkindo, Dr. Shane Bryans
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 De-radicalization and Counter-radicalization: Valuable Tools Combating Violent Extremism, or Harmful Methods of Subjugation? Abstract   PDF
Tom Pettinger
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Deradicalization and Disengagement: Exit Programs in Norway and Sweden and Addressing Neo-Nazi Extremism Abstract   PDF
Casie Elizabeth Daugherty
No 9 (2017): Winter Issue 2016/17 Deradicalization: Using Triggers for the Development of a US Program Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Mitchell
No 11 (2017): Summer Issue 2017 Die (De-)Konstruktion eines extremistischen Weltbildes. Eine Mixed-Methods Analyse von Al-Qaidas Online Magazin “Inspire”. (The (de-)construction of an extremist world view. A mixed-methods analysis of Al-Qaeda's online magazine "Inspire".) Abstract   PDF
Katharina Leimbach
No 13 (2017): Winter Issue 2017 Die Pluralität der Radikalisierung - Eine systematische Analyse der Theorieansätze zur Radikalisierungsforschung (The Plurality of Radicalization – A Systematic Analysis of Theories Within Radicalization Research) Abstract   PDF
Thomas Maurer
No 9 (2017): Winter Issue 2016/17 Disengagement from Ideologically-Based and Violent Organizations: A Systematic Review of the Literature Abstract   PDF
Steven Windisch, Pete Simi, Gina Sott Ligon, Hillary McNeel
No 22: Spring 2020 Disengaging and Rehabilitating High-Value Detainees: A Small-Scale Qualitative Study Abstract   PDF
Mandeep K. Dhami, Jane Goodman-Delahunty, Natalie Martschuk, Sang Cheung, Ian Belton
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Disengaging from Terrorism: A Northern Irish Experience Abstract   PDF
Neil Ferguson
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 Dutch Suspects of Terrorist Activity: A Study of Their Biographical Backgrounds Based on Primary Sources. Abstract   PDF
Maarten van Leyenhorst, Ada Andreas
No 19 (2019): Summer Emotional Effects of Terroristic Communication: Between Professional Propaganda and Media Coverage Abstract   PDF
Michael Johann, Michael Oswald
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