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No 1: Winter 2014/15 #hitlerwasright: National Action and National Socialism for the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Paul Jackson
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 A former right-wing extremist in school-based prevention work: Research findings from Germany Abstract   PDF
Maria Walsh, Antje Gansewig
No 5 (2015): Winter 2015/16 A Literature Review on Methodology used in Evaluating Effects of Preventive and De-radicalisation Interventions Abstract   PDF
Allard R. Feddes, Marcello Gallucci
No 19 (2019): Summer A scoping review of interventions for preventing and countering violent extremism: Current status and implications for future research Abstract   PDF
Isabella Pistone, Erik Eriksson, Ulrika Beckman, Christer Mattson, Morten Sager
No 22: Spring 2020 A Second Chance? Dutch Muslim Women on the Reintegration of Female Returnees from Islamic State Abstract   PDF
Ashna Kanhai, Tahir Abbas
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Alternative Narratives for Preventing the Radicalization of Muslim Youth Abstract   PDF
Dr. Afzal Upal
No 22: Spring 2020 An Assessment of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters’ Commitment to Reintegrate: A Case Study of Kwale County, Kenya Abstract   PDF
Tina Mykkänen
No 21 (2019): Winter 2019/20 Antagonism, Conflictuality and Resilience: A New Model of Societal Radicalisation Abstract   PDF
Phil Edwards
No 12 (2017): FALL ISSUE 2017 Austria and the Threats from Islamist Radicalisation and Terrorist Involvement: An Overview of Governmental and Non-Governmental Initiatives and Policies Abstract   PDF
Katharina Götsch
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Beating ISIS in the Digital Space: Focus Testing ISIS Defector Counter-Narrative Videos with American College Students Abstract   PDF
Allison McDowell-Smith, Anne Speckhard, Ahmet S. Yayla
No 16 (2018): Fall Issue Becoming, belonging and leaving – Exit processes among young neo-Nazis in Sweden Abstract   PDF
Christer Mattson, Thomas Johansson
No 2 (2015): Spring Issue Belastungen von Angehörigen im Kontext psychischer Traumatisierungen (Stress for Relatives in the Context of Psychological Traumatizations) Abstract   PDF
Carolyn Rose, PD Dr. Peter Zimmermann
No 20 (2019): Fall Between Child Soldiers and Terrorists: Reintegrating Child Members of the Islamic State Abstract   PDF
Aleksandar Pašagić
No 10 (2017): Spring Issue 2017 Beware of Branding Someone a Terrorist: Local Professionals on Person-Specific Interventions to Counter Extremism Abstract   PDF
Quirine Eijkman, Josien Roodnat
No 8 (2016): Fall Issue Book Review: Alina Polyakova – The Dark Side of European Integration. Social Foundation and Cultural Determinants of the Rise of Radical Right Movements in Contemporary Europe Abstract   PDF
Ina Schmidt
No 8 (2016): Fall Issue Building Partnerships Towards a Democratic Police Force in the Post-Revolutionary Tunisia Context Abstract   PDF
Lea Lavut
No 26: Spring 2021 Can partnership approaches developed to prevent Islamic terrorism be replicated for the extreme right? Comparing the Muslim Brotherhood and Generation Identity as ‘firewalls’ against violent extremism Abstract   PDF
Christopher J. Morris
No 6 (2016): Spring Issue 2016 Carolin Goerzig. Talking to Terrorists: Concessions and the Renunciation of Violence. Reviewed by: Scott Nicholas Romaniuk Abstract   PDF
Scott Nicholas Romaniuk
No 23: Summer 2020 Child’s Play: Cooperative Gaming as a Tool of Deradicalization Abstract   PDF
Asya Cooley, Skye Cooley
No 7 (2016): Summer Issue 2016 Civilian Joint Task Force’ (CJTF) – A Community Security Option: A Comprehensive and Proactive Approach of Reducing Terrorism Abstract   PDF
Oluwaseun Bamidele
No 18 (2019): Spring Clarifying the Explanatory Context for Developing Theories of Radicalization: Five Basic Considerations Abstract   PDF
Lorne Dawson
No 14 (2018): SPRING ISSUE 2018 Closing the “Critical Disconnect“. The establishment of regional prevention networks at the interface of prevention and deradicalisation work using the example of the Federal State Democracy Centre Baden-Wuerttemberg Abstract   PDF
Jens Ostwaldt
No 26: Spring 2021 Communities’ Perceptions of Reintegration of Al-Shabaab Returnees in Mombasa and Kwale Counties, Kenya Abstract   PDF
Mercy Nasimiyu Juma, John Mwangi Githigaro
No 15 (2018): Summer Issue Community Cohesion and Countering Violent Extremism: Interfaith Activism and Policing Methods in Metro Detroit Abstract   PDF
Allison D. Miller
No 15 (2018): Summer Issue Comparing Theories of Radicalisation with Countering Violent Extremism Policy Abstract   PDF
Keiran Hardy
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